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A Summer’s breeze
A Winter’s night
A Spring leaf
An Autumn bright
These are the things I no longer see, due to the things that haunt me
A torn limb, shattered bones, broken dreams and awful wounds
Why should one forego these scenes?
Learn again to live your dreams
Cooling breeze on a summers night
A roaring fire, curled up tight
Dew drops on flowered fields
Falling leaves into piles
I can dream, I can hope
For old scenes to help me cope
One new day I shall see, old welcome memories
But for now, I can only see, new scenes that taunt me
In my dreams, in my head, haunting things full of dread
Of a life lived too fast, wishing to regain my past
Something good and something fresh, a bright new view for me to look to, a whole new world for my future……
Dan Fry

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