Madam Zara

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Madam Zara in her tent
Waited for the city gent
Seen inside her crystal ball
He had no choice he had to call
He came in nervous and alone
Turning off his mobile phone
As he sat down he looked a mess
As if he had not time to dress
But Madam Zara knew the score
Still was eager to know more
The city gent so glum and pale
Slowly told her his sad tale
How his wife had passed away
And left him empty every day
He wanted Zara to reveal
How or when he’d get his zeal
To get some happiness from life
And maybe one day get a wife
Gazing at her crystal ball
Madam Zara saw it all
Told him oner day he’d be better
A secret love would send a letter
After silver passed her palm
Zara felt relaxed and calm
The city gent was feeling fine
He would be better given time
As soon as she stopped for the day
She put her crystal ball away
Things had turned out so much better
She couldn’t wait to post her letter

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