‘Lustful Coward’

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In a field of rich ripe barley, as the time skipped slowly by,
I told my love a fond farewell,and she began to sadly cry
She placed her head upon my chest, then told me that she loved me true
“Alas I cannot stay my love, for I am a soldier blue”

This was then my own firm reply, “and I must go away to War,
and on battlefield there to die, from body wounded sore.”
She clasped me to her bosom firm, and bid me stay for just a while
And with strong and firm resource, I lingered on with lustful smile.

They stood me up against a wall; with loaded rifles they took aim
Charge sheet read I was a coward, and missing war was not the game
They dressed my body in Army suit, the best made by our tailor
My lustful love then departed, and married a drunken sailor.

Leslie de la Haye

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