”Love’s Slumber.”

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Darling awake! For new morning with its Eastern light,
Has chased away the darkness, dispelling of the night
Sunrise lays her ruby hand upon horizon East,
Bathes the world with golden glow for weary eyes to feast.

See how mighty Eagles soar, on ever vibrant wings
Listen to the whisper world as gentle Summer sings
Arrogance of fields so green; the moving cattle graze
Happiness is ever sweet; upon your face I gaze.

World then comes to life, to bring every humble pain,
Pour romances wine, yet leave table cloth without a stain
Now open love’s sweet door, before cup of life runs dry,
Or your heart-aches will begin, and Cupid starts to cry.

In my head I hear a voice that beckons loud to me,
Love of loves that stands alone, for all the world to see
So I cradle in my arms, your gentle heart divine,
Then softly kiss your tender lips; sips of vintage wine.

Darling fill your cup, in glow of early nature’s spring,
For behold! The bird of love soars proudly on the wing
Let us then divest ourselves, the loneliness of life,
To walk the road together, as always, Man and Wife.

Leslie de la Haye

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