Loved too strong

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I’ve loved and lost and lost again
But I can never stand the pain
Of losing you.

You say you hate the different moods
Of jealousy and fighting feuds
I know it’s true!

My love for you is much too strong
I know that I am doing wrong
I love too strong!

My life without you now is bare
And I can feel the old crowd stare
I loved too strong.

Because I loved your tender touch
Just because I loved too much
I did no wrong!

Please respect the deep love I gave
For I am just an empty grave
Without your love.

I gave you all the love I had
But now I am alone and sad
I loved too strong!

You found a lover and a friend
Our love came quickly to an end
I loved too strong!

I loved too much and loved too strong
I knew that I was doing wrong
I loved too strong!

Leslie de la Haye

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