Lost in Bruxelles (yet somehow won the day)

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Twas Taffy’s aim to liberate ‘all France’
As troops press’d on thru Normandy, en masse
In gaining ground twud push home their advance
T’ward Belgium too, when orders came to pass
One hundred miles to cover in one day
‘Unequalled speed for this or any war’
‘Our Hero’ then per chanced to enter fray
Down avenues that none wouldst dare explore
Whilst “First of Foot” lay claim; despite the cost
and bells didst ring o’er Bruxelles at relief
This ‘Man of Harlech’ somehow wound up lost
Along some country lane in disbelief
Amongst His treasured anecdotes (tall tales)
Here met a lass (dropped in) from ‘Bag o’ Nails’

Richard Gildea

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