Lost in an Alien world

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I close my eyes and try to think
Of a world I may have left behind
Thoughts go flashing through my head
Am I really losing my mind
I seem to be in an alien world
Bereft of the life I knew
Full of nightmare images
Can the things I see be true
Why has my world turned around so
For I’ve caused nobody harm
And as I survey my surroundings
All I see is hatred and alarm
Where can I turn to for safety
Is there shelter away from this tempestuous storm
Maybe someone to embrace me
And keep me free from all harm
How I long for the life I knew
It seems Oh! so long ago
When I was treated like a Princess
As I lay in the arms of my Beau
And he lovingly gently caressed me
He knew all the right things to say
So far away from my world of today
Hostility reigns everywhere
Am I really one of life’s cast off’s
Surely someone must care
And help me to lift this shroud from my life
And take me back from Despair
Then whilst these thoughts were in my head
A curtain appeared to rise
A reassurance came from within my soul
That now I must open my eyes
And lo and behold there before me
The Sun was Gold and the Sky was Blue
A welcome back to a carefree world
The gates open to pastures new
Once more love could be within my grasp
No more would I need to hide
Throw open my arms and embrace the world
Perhaps with a new loved one by my side

Dennis Shrubshall

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