Looking Out’ The Window

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Looking out’ the window
Into the dead of night
I see the stars far up above,
The moon it shines so bright.

The shadows in the garden
And cats upon the prowl,
The silence it is broken
By the hooting of an owl.

Looking out’ the window,
As the morning starts to break,
The sun it is still out of view,
The darkness soon to take.

The birds they start to flutter
Then fly upon the wing,
Waiting for the sun to rise
To see what the morn’ may bring.

Looking out’ the window,
In the middle of the day,
People rushing by outside,
The children all at play.

The leaves, there’re all a shimmer,
Now the sun is at its height,
The day it is half over
And forgotten is the night.

Looking out’ the window,
As the sun it starts to set.
The children coming home from school
Their tea they hope to get.

The slowing of the traffic,
As the pace it starts to rest,
This is the time of day for me,
The time I love the best.

Peter Bruffell

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