Looking For Spring

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Too soon the leaves of autumn
Are scattered all around
Too soon the snows of winter
Lie thick upon the ground

Freezing mornings,frost and fog
Insipid winter sun
That seems to want to go to bed
Before the day’s begun

There never seems to be the time
Or inclination too
For us to tackle all those jobs
We really have to do

But underneath the frozen earth
Nature hides her store
Waiting for the warmth of spring
To dazzle us once more

The crocus and the snowdrop
Announce the brand new spring
Dancing in the warmer winds
And birds begin to sing

The memory of the autumn
And winter’s freezing cold
Are very soon forgotten
As sun turns all to gold

At last the graceful tulips
And daffodils abound
Bluebells fill the woodlands
And toss their heads around

Gods’ creatures work together
Attack their tasks with zest
United in their message
That springtime is the best

Don Holmes

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