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As I cast my eyes along High Road South Benfleet
To an area known as Hopes Green
There’s a parade of shops built in 1928
It’s where Lloyds Bank has ever been
In the days when the Village was self sufficient
Local traders supplied all their various Wares
Banking within their immediate vicinity
Off loading their financial worries and cares
For many years on the Fascia above
Bore the sign of the Black Horse with pride
Indicating to the general public passing
Their financial needs may be dealt with inside
Those were the days when Banks held the reins
Of local businesses and the affluent few
When wages and bills were paid in cash
And for the layman something entirely new
The Manager was set on a pedestal
A responsible man was he
Aided by a Chief Clerk and Male Tellers
And Clerks and Lady typists where no one could see
They all worked under the watchful eye of the Manager
Who most held in the highest esteem
Perhaps each looking towards the future
Would a similar appointment fill their dream
Then over times thing changed quite drastically
Ladies came more to the fore
Even Lady Tellers appeared behind the counter
And their male colleagues disappeared from the floor
Manual book keeping and banking becomes a thing of the past
As everything falls under the Computerised spell
All operatives are expected to be I T experts
And financial advisors as well
They’re expected to work with utmost efficiency
Treat customers with politeness and speed
Everyone equal to their colleagues
As a team they are expected to succeed
Then sadly for the customers they’re all advised
That the Black Horse and Lloyds are there no more
And the staff and services will operate in the future
Under the auspices of T S B on the front door

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