Little men who are green

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Many have looked upon little men who are green
wondering if their eyes do deceive what they have seen
Surely it is a pursuit of the young
To play with these little guys, having fun

But there is more to them than meets the eye
You can ponder while staring at the stars in the sky
Not only in green, some appear to be grey
While others appear to be metal you could say

They battle on every continent, across the earth
A few select of humans know their worth
In dark corners and private clubs planning their demise
Ready to deal a hammer blow to their enemies surprise

These brave few are Social pariahs all
Scoffed and scorned, still they walk tall
They know what others don’t even contemplate
These little men, you don’t need to hate

So the next time you glimpse bits of green or grey
Or a glint of metal glistening in the light of day
Don’t run or panic, or be quick to criticise
Of these men you see before your eyes

They are taking part in a vibrant, exciting hobby
We are talking about wargaming on tabletop you see
With miniature toy soldiers scorching the earth
While the players enjoy with great mirth

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