Life with PTSD

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The last five years have been a real strain
I’ve put Lyn through it again and again
In all that time she didn’t even shout
Anybody else would’ve just given me a clout

She’s had to smile even when it hurt
When she could’ve given me a wide berth
She’s always there pretending to be brave
With a lesser wife I’d be in my grave

She’s walked away and bit her lip
And never let her temper slip
She’s never give up I’ll give her, her due
Even now I’ve turned into Victor Meldrew

She’s watched me go from bad to worse
I know most times I make her curse
She’s stayed with me through all my dark days
And helped me through in many, many ways

She’s put up with all my aches and pains
Even though I know her life it drains
I often ask her why she’s still in my life
Because I love you dearly and I’m your wife

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