Life inside a TA Soldier

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“Good Morning Neil, cup of tea?
I’ll make it and put it on your desk,
Next to your Flat Screen PC”…

..”Stand too! Stand too! Enemy Half right”!
Scrambling out of my sleeping bag,
And out into the night…

…”Would you mind working an extra hour today?”
Extra money and a weekends clubbing, “no problem” I say…

“Reveille is 0500hrs, endex 2300hrs take note”
Cold wet and hungry the guys to my side are in the same boat…

Two lives’s lived by one person…
From total manners, to shouting and cursing…
..Although one thing remains the same,
When I am in Green kit I will work through the pain…
One Weekend in June 2010.

The Staff Sgt stands the parade to attention,
She looks apprehensive with a hint of tension,
She has no other way to say it,
There’s no other way she can,
“Who here will volunteer to go to Afghanistan”…
I feel my arm brace up as it shoots to the sky,
I’m not thinking of my life whether I live or die,
I’ve done the training and I’m ready to fight,
Shout stand too and I’ll be waiting in the night..

Well here I am the career break has been taken,
Sat in Germany this is no civilian’s vacation,
The mornings are cold and so are the nights,
On the ranges, ice sits on top of my sights,
No longer a “civvi” I’m training for war,
All the time dreaming of my family that I adore,

“How can a TA soldier do the same job as me?
He used to working 9-5 and on Fridays 8-3!”
Well I’m here to work and help change those views,
Working together to give the world some better news…
Pre deployment training is upon me,
And now it begins,
As the S.A.S say “he who dares wins”….

Neil Hines

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