Life In Their Hands

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In a land of spiritual beauty
Where soldiers now reside
All comrades together
Now standing side by side

Were their deaths in vain?
It’s not for us to say
But war is an abomination
No more if we had our way

We have no control of decisions
Those politicians have to make
Our armed forces take the consequences
When politicians make mistakes

It’s the families that suffer in silence
After losing someone so close
For them it’s a life time of grieving
For the ones they all love the most

It is difficult for those in the forces
As the politicians have the final word
Some of the decision they have made
To me are quite frankly absurd

Soldiers should be protecting our country
Putting their lives on the line when they attack
We know that the enemy will wait for a withdrawal
We all know the enemy will come back

So to all politicians in government
When you are making that choice
Our brave soldiers will deliver
Are sons and daughters with no voice?

Malcolm G Bradshaw

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