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What can you fit into a lifetime my friend?
How long is a life time anyway?
What can you fit into a year or six months?
Or what can be crammed into today?

There are those who will squeeze in ten gallons of life
And some who are content with a pint or two
There are those who will wait for a life to arrive
And there are those who will push in lifes queue!

There are people that treat their lives as a race
And those who prefer more of a stroll
There are those who more greedy and seek ‘ far too much’ life
And the Reaper may ask for his toll!

But a word to the wise for those reading these words
It’s your life so keep it precious to you
Make sure you enhance it with what you desire
Before the time comes when it’s finish and through!

For your life is no race or a quota to fill
Or a challenge to be won in the end
It is a journey of sorts that you’ll take just the same
So why not fill it with loved ones and friends

We owe this to those who’s journeys are short
And for those who are less fortunate let’s say
Our lives are a gift and a thing to enjoy
So how much have you filled up today?

Chris Dickson

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