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Held you,fed you,changed your bum

Babysatt for your Dad & Mum

Laughed with you and hugged you alot

Encouraged you when you were on your pot

Smiled with you when you made me laugh

Got a soaking when you were in the bath

Talked you around when you had a mare

Felt upset when you said you didnt care

Still i loved you a little bit more

With every strop and slam of my door

Wiped your tears and blew your nose

Tickled your ribs and de-fluffed your toes

Took you swimming with me and my mate

Oh how we laughed…..oh what a state!!!

Recreation centre-got in for free

Ignored all the rules set by me!!

Hilltop School you’d run in my class

With a great big smile and after some brass!!

Ive painted your face,weve had play fights

Ive read you stories and kissed you goodnights

Ive watched you grow,i can say what a pleasure

The memories i have i will always treasure.

The first time in your new car

An experience and a shock

And i dont mean your driving Leigh

You werent insured til one o clock!!!!

Your my outstanding Nephew

Funny,cool and barmy

And i am really proud in all

That youve achieved whilst in the Army

And now your off to wider fields

How sad i am to watch you go

And all that i can think of is that song by Status Quo!

“Your in the Army now woah oh

Your in the Army now”

Sapper Dennis Top Gun-Top Man

Off with the Engineers

So have a hug and take a smile

As we fight back many tears.

Go do your duty Soldier

Your Army through and through

You know your stuff,Please take my Love

Aand Leigh………………..GOD BE WITH YOU.

Jayne Fern

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