Laughing all the way

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I’m the laughing clown,
With tears running down his face,
Beneath the mask in its place,
The sorrow felt, there is no trace.

I’m the one with all the humour,
Making people laugh, out of stupor,
The self loathing, who would wonder,
Eating away, deep inside, a Tumour.

I’m the one who makes em laugh,
Doing funny things, sometimes daft,
Quite often told ‘Your having a Giraffe’
While I feel myself, falling down a shaft.

I’m the one you all seem to turn too,
Hoping for some jokes, maybe just a few,
When I entertain many of you,
I wonder if the real me, you ever knew.

I’m the one that some see as a trickster,
Everyone waits to observe it, they all muster,
All around me, once I’m done, I have Laughter,
But to me in the crowded room, I am alone ever after.

I’m the laughing clown,
Always smiling never a frown.
I am crying on the inside, very down.
Maybe I would be better, gone for ever, from town.

Chris Duncan

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