Keep Pace (with life)

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As evening fades to night, I walk alone
Betwixt the heaving throng that scurry by
Perchance a glimpse of ‘self’ (tho time has flown)
Where once had tread same path, whilst flying high
To run with herd; yet straining at the leash
By keeping up such pace twud leave enslaved
Tho introspection, proves to be pastiche
Twas ‘rush’ of life maintained, it seems ‘I craved’
Tis joy of ‘being still’ which now delights
A measured stance which suits approaching age
Yet memory doth haunt (in truth, excites)
At thought of headlong dash (didst once engage)
Within the crowd, ‘uniqueness’ be thine aim
Embrace each phase lest living ne’er canst claim

Richard Gildea

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