Just the Ticket

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I have a proposal that will help avert a strike,
Something that I think the RMT is going to like.
The ticket office needn’t close, we could increase its function;
It could sell Costa Coffee or a London Transport Luncheon,
Incorporate the Post Office and other outlets there,
You could claim Housing Benefit each time you pay your fare.
You could buy airline tickets or pay to see a show,
Get a ticket for the cricket any time you want to go.
We can turn the ticket hall into a one stop shop
Ensuring that the ticket clerks do not all get the chop.
We needn’t have a strike if we just use imagination;
The ticket office needn’t close, despite the automation
Which we know, from time to time, is going to malfunction.
So let’s have Costa Coffee or we’ll all be up the junction.

Andrew Diamond

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