Just Reward

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Once i read a poem
It made me stop and think
Caused a silent tear to fall
Made these old eyes blink

It was written by a veteran
Of a war so far away
The memories were many
He still carries them today

Things no man should see
Of things no man should do
He gives thanks to his God
You didn’t see them too

For us he carries the burden
Of the terrible things he’s seen
And try as often as he might
His memory will not come clean

So if you ever meet this man
With his thousand mile stare
It’s because his memories
Have filled his heart with care

And though he only cares
For others and not his self
One day the good Lord
Will fill his soul with wealth

For all those who care as he
Will one day in heaven meet
There receive a just reward
Mercy at the Saviours feet

Dave Butler

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