Jimmy’s Place

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There’ll be presents a-plenty this Christmas
But not at Jimmy’s place
Children will smile as the presents unwrap
But not at Jimmy’s place

There’ll be hugs and kisses all round the tree
But not at Jimmy’s place
Turkey with stuffing and Christmas cake tea
But not at Jimmy’s place

As glasses are filled and handed around
No-one will think of where Jimmy is found
His place will be like it is every day
Dark and lonely and tucked right away

Behind the wheelie bins fighting for breath
Moments away from from an untimely death
His life was just normal a short time ago
A long-serving soldier who could not say no

When ordered to fight in some foreign land
He willingly followed the life he had planned
But the traumas were many and showed in his face
And finally led him to this, Jimmy’s place

At Christmas we wish for health and good cheer
With hope that God’s children can live without fear
But not at Jimmy’s place

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