It’s Tough to be a Parent

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It’s tough to be a parent
One of the hardest jobs on earth
Yet we face this task regardless
Because of what it’s worth

So many trials and tribulations
So many highs and lows
All part of the journey
As we watch our children grow

They’ll break our hearts in one breath
Then in another they’ll fill us with pride
They’ll share with us their greatest dreams
But some secrets, they’ll try and hide

You’ll teach them right from wrong
Good morals and the rest
You’ll lay down all the ground rules
After all, it’s for their best

One day you’ll be their best friend
The next their fiercest foe
Still it’s usually us they turn to
When there’s nowhere else to go

We’ll guide them through the hard times
We’ll celebrate the good
We’ll stand by them no matter what
As any parent would

They’ll make mistakes, of course they will
How else will they learn?
As parents we’re there to keep them on track
So they won’t be badly burned

It’s tough to be a parent
All those moods and hissy fits
Yet no matter what they put us through
We still love them to bits

One day in time, the tables will turn
They’ll become parents as well
Hopefully our guidance will have prepared them for this
Only time will tell

Michaela Turner

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