Its not the first time

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They were there again last night,
They sit there accusing
Reminding me
That its not a game

They are shouting now:
“You did your job.
So well done you
But what are we supposed to do?
Now, that we are gone?

You took the credit for your courageous actions, for your strength of character, for your leadership
But what about us?
What do we do now?

No medals for us
Just kids without fathers
Wives without husbands

Well now you know how it feels.
Mourning your soldier
As if you are the only one
Who has lost
And just can’t go on

Our wives miss us too
Our children don’t remember the fathers we were
Our mothers stood at our graves and wondered why
They were burying their sons
When you were the one who was supposed to take care”

So I weep and I beg
Just leave me alone
But they won’t

My soldier doesn’t come with them, he leaves me alone
Why doesn’t he tell them the way that he used to
That I did what I had to
That it isn’t my fault.

They’ll be here again tonight and what can I tell them?

Andrea Mackintosh

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