Its Halloween the time to scream

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Its Halloween the time to scream
Ghosts and Monsters will haunt you as you dream
No one is safe not even the queen

The Ghosts will ruffle your hair
As they fly through the air
They will blow on your cheek
Just to make you shriek

You lie in your bed and start to shake
So hard to sleep you are fully awake
With the covers pulled up tight
This is going to be some night

Monsters in the closet
Will rattle their chains and start to groan
This will only make you moan
For these monsters will not leave you alone

You hear a creak on the stairs
Ghosts and monsters are coming up there
Your hair stands on end
This night is driving you around the bend

The door handle starts to turn
If this is hell get ready to burn
The hall light shines through
Oh my god what do I do

A head peers in as you hide beneath the sheets
A voice rings out as your Mum starts to shout
Goodnight Son Sleep Tight
Don’t let the bed bugs BITE!

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