Is Summer Really here

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The weather’s changed, is Summer here
Welcomed by one and all
After a long and bitter Winter
So cold beyond recall
Spring was so long arriving
The telltale signs were late
No sign of any new plant life
Too cold for them to germinate
But now there’s a hint to Summertime
A friendly warmth is in the air
Bloom on the flowers and blossom on the trees
Which makes us all aware
Apprehensive of what the Summer might bring
Ever conscious of Season’s past
Will we be scorched from the heat of the Sun
Or cold and wet from rain and a chill wind blast
Trees are in full leaf now
Blossom’s gone but the fruits are set
Hoping for a blight free Summer
Enhancing the fruit harvest we may get
Resting in the shade of the trees
The well filled flower beds
The Roses are healthy and now in bud
And the flowers showing their variegated coloured heads
The Peonies rise majestically in Scarlet, White and Pink
As their blooms open so pristine
But not for long is their beauty on view
Blown by the wind and a carpet of blossom petals are seen
Hydrangeas are looking strong now, Agapanthus too
Stems waiting for their blossoms to appear
With their Mauve, Blue, Pink and White colours
Adorning the beds year after year
The Roses are starting to open there buds
The first Rose of Summer you’ll hear some folks say
But ‘fore long the beds are resplendent in Blossom
Creating a wonderful display
Chrysanthemums, Fuchsias and Gladioli too
All growing now in the warmth of the Summer Sun
Creating beauty for the eye of the beholder
Once again Mother Nature’s Flower Show has begun

Dennis Shrubshall

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