Is it Hogmanay

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In days gone by the written word
In rhyme was accepted well
Stories of life and fiction
But nowadays it’s hard to tell
Eager eyes would scan the pages
Looking for something new
But now it seems the interest has waned
For readers there are few
So as we forward wander
Perhaps new fields to seek
Searching for another medium
To refer to week on week
The task may be a hard one
Requiring hours of thought
Using all the inquisitive skills
That former life has taught
Will the subjects concern the weather
Or the people who live down the street
Perhaps in a Gymnasium keeping fit
Or a Pub or Club where they may meet
Every event in life as it passes
May cause Happiness A Laugh or a Tear
But one thing is certain at Hogmanay
You’ll likely welcome a Happy New Year
Maybe a Scots lassie will be near you
Perhaps these words she will speak
A Happy Hogmanay tae ye all
And Lang mae yer lum reek

Dennis Shrubshall

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