In the Frontline

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Days and nights in the front line,
Months and years of pain.
Fighting in the morning sun,
Fighting in the evening rain.

Bullets in the air,
Shrapnel from above.
Heads down in the trenches,
Remembering those we love.

Silent winds in the smoke filled sky,
Creates an eerie hush.
Bodies fall at the blink of an eye,
Their bones begin to crush.

The hunger of the soldiers,
The viciousness of war.
The life that we are living,
As individuals we abhor.

Tears of sorrow, waste of life,
They’re feeling all alone
They’re hungry for their freedom,
They’re longing to get home.

Dreams of peace reinstated,
As war ceases to prevail.
Only one side can win,
As the other has to fail.

As we climbed out of the trenches,
And over the barbed wire
The last words we were to hear
Were Ready, Aim, FIRE!

James Sawle

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