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Know me from whence… within the battle’s point.
You will know me then from when the battle is joined…
Violence bares its teeth and crooks its claws.
From noble ceaseless fight I will not pause.
You will know that I will not flag or fail

I am a child of travesty and despair…
A kin of misfortune, there is no favour there.
From the hardest of challenges I have the strength of many…
The will and desire to overcome the enemy.
In Arduis Fidelis… I will prevail.

Know this when you hear of my triumphal gain,
I will not shirk, nor hesitate, nor quail.
I will not falter, I will not be undone…
Nothing is worthy without an effort won.
I will not flag or fail.

My being is becalmed, I am at ease…
My undiminished soul is at its peace.
Faith is my pathway, courage my companion…
To reach the utmost state is my ambition
In Arduis Fidelis… I will prevail.

I will not stumble on adversity’s stony ground…
I will not succumb to miseries profound.
I surrender not my being unto the foe…
All comfort’s bonds I willingly forego.
I will not flag or fail.

Know when the battle is joined I will not flinch…
Nor will I yield my ground, nor give an inch.
I will not flag or fail…
I will endure until the ceaseless end…
I will assume the mantle of fortitude’s friend.
In Arduis Fidelis… I will prevail

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