I want to know why

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I want to know why,
People climb for the sky,
In flip flops and carrier bags,
Full of sandwiches the bag sags.

Why do they feel the need,
To leave the bus or car indeed,
To stagger up trails and walks,
Up on the mountains you see all sorts.

Why don’t they check the forecast,
Its like they cannot be arsed,
Trudging up completely unprepared,
A moments thought would show they cared.

How can it be possibly ok,
‘To just go for a stroll’ they would say,
To have complete disregard,
From the hills, they should be barred.

A pair of boots, compass or a map,
Would be more use than a baseball cap,
Water proofs some would claim,
Would keep at bay the wind and rain.

When the sky changes, gets suddenly dark and grim,
They all turn their thoughts to her or him,
The volunteer who answers the call,
To step out and come to the aid of all.

Mountain rescue, military or civilian,
Are selfless saviours, one in a million,
They willingly give up their time and safety,
So sandal wearers can live to see another butty.

So next time you stop and look at a hill,
Sit by the car until you have had your fill,
Enjoy the mountains from relative safety,
Don’t get caught doing anything hasty.

For those that have the presence and foresight,
To step out fully kitted, into the day or night,
We know you may still get caught,
Mother natures cares not a naught.

Ultimately prepared or not,
The brave souls of the teams dedication you got,
To go out of their way,
So you may live yet another day.

Chris Duncan

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