I Want To Come Home

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Look into my eyes my friend and tell me what you see
I fear the answer given, for I doubt what you see will be me
I fled this place so very long ago looking for my own inner peace
My mind is full but not of me someone else has taken my place

I cannot describe the man in there his face is crafted from fear
What is inside the soul you will see is moulded from anger and tears
All the compassion, the love and glee are taken replaced with stone
What you see inside these eyes of mine is no longer a man of my own

Perhaps what was before can be found again but not by me on my own
So much must be driven from inside the soul before I could call this my own
With family and friends to help through the pain, the terror, the sadness inside
Can we find the man who once lived in here who lived in honour and pride?

No simple task we talk of here so many like me have not seen that day
They tried to fight the beast that is inside they tried, they failed and died away
Should I stand and fight as I have been taught or run and hide from this beast
I owe all those who have believed in me to try and to win back my soul at least

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