I look thro Life’s Window

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As I sit and look through the window of life
And ponder on things that have passed
Wondering if given another chance
Would drastic changes have left me aghast
I remember well my childhood
With a Parents and Family I shared
Living life to the full as a child
Surrounded by people who cared
There was always someone to turn to for comfort
To help heal the wounds of a fall
Or rush to my side if I woke from a bad dream
At any hour Mother would hear my call
Ever on hand to help with a problem
Be it Sports or lessons at School
Always the spur I needed for knowledge
For Mother was nobody’s fool
As on then to adolescence I travelled
On Life’s road with it’s twist and turns
Making mistakes and wrongs decisions
I realised this is how one learns
New friendships made and some broken
Finished almost from the start
Never to any particular pattern
Some ended with a broken heart
Onward then to romance and courtship
Wedding bells were soon to chime
Along came Prince Charming on a White Charger
Happiness reigned then sublime
Later the joy of children of my own
Would it be one two or three
Numbers were never a matter of discussion
To formulate a happy Family
But they have grown to adulthood
With Families of their own
And I am left with memories
As I now sit here alone
But I’ll cope very well with my new status
For I know they’ll all visit me
So I’m only alone for a few days at a time
And not for Eternity
Then suddenly like a flash of lightening
The sad news was broken to me
By the Specialists from the Hospital
That my Life would now be in Disability
Nurses , Doctors and Hospital visits
Potions , Tablets and Pills
All the things I’d only heard of in passing
As a means to cure others ills
I soon realised that I had to be strong
For this was the Life now open to me
I was only limited in physical movement
And not life threatening infirmity
My Family formed my buffer
With a circle of friends close by
Always there at my weaker moments
Should I break down and cry
The more I sat and thought of things
Of how I must cope with Life’s change
So I spoke to others with a similar plight
And an occasional visit we’d arrange
I had visits from all sorts of people
Welfare and Medical and such
But there were also visits from Friends who cared
These were the ones I valued so much
I know that 4 walls can seem like a barrier
Or even a prison cell they may make
But with positive thought and strong resolve
Great strides forward one can take
It’s only natural that one has times of regret
But Life’s road has it’s ups and downs
One has to take the rough with the smooth
Hoping the smiles will always cover the frowns
So now I’ll look again through that window of Life
Perhaps a much brighter future for me
I know that with the help of my Family and friends
I can face it all with impunity.

Dennis Shrubshall

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