I Know There Is A Heaven

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We came upon the wispy trees, and smelt the golden flowers.
Then walked beside the babbling brook,
and laughed for hours and hours.

My heart my sweet her love for me was tender and was ours.
Again we laughed and walked along, again we smelt the flowers.

Then my country called to me, my pride and soul unbent.
And when they gave their orders,
I went where I was sent.

And now I crouch in clodden mud, no smell of golden flowers.
We traipse across the forlorn fields,
we wait for hours and hours.

My fellow man stands next to me, we huddle then we scud.
we try and make the best of things,
we wallow in that mud.

And when the fields are silent, I know my time has come.
My fellow man lies screaming,
and then i’m told to run.

And now my soul the Lord I ask, oh let it be forgiven.
For now i’m in a living hell, I know there is a heaven.

Tony Lynch

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