“I Fear the Sun’s Arise”

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Tho nights are long, mine stretch beyond the dawn
In hope ‘that I need not’ to face the day
Where once I’d rise as if again reborn
Now down upon my knees I fall and Pray
That life itself ‘be put on hold’ (for thee)
A brief respite from all thou have endured
Perchance ‘The Lord’ may hear my humble plea
For doing so, will leave both reassured
Tomorrow never comes where He resides
No fear of “what or when” as we have now
No questions left unanswered: He provides
I ponder on such thoughts whilst wiping brow
Should e’er the setting Sun ‘mark red the sky’
Tis nought but ties of blood ‘twixt You and I

Aramis /|

Richard Gildea

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