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There was a canoe from ‘ Seaton Carew ‘
Set sail across the sea
Where it went, nobody knows
What a mystery

On it went, around and around
Cross Oceans far and wide
Turning up in ‘ Panama ‘
Sailing with the tide

Did it go, or did it stay ?
The plot it only thickens
It’s now become a story
To rival old ‘ Charles Dickens ‘

The ending of this strange old tale
Of this there is no end
To try and figure this one out
Will send you round the bend

Why go away and disappear
To turn up five years later ?
He could’ve said he was eaten
By some old Alligator

So, Canoe are you out there ?
Floating still, at rest
Roaming ‘ Ghostly Oceans ‘
Just like ‘ The Marie-Celeste ‘

I’ll bet you’re buried in the sand
A boat without a crew
Which sandy grave do you lie in
Perhaps in ‘ Seaton Carew ? ‘

Tom Mcgreevy

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