I am….

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I am the sky, I am the sea
I am the wind, within the tree
I am the sand on sunlit beach
I am here, but, out of reach

I am the very air you breathe
I am the comfort blanket weave
I am all, that, is all I am
I am part of a bigger plan

I am that tingle up your spine
I am the writer of this rhyme
I am all you see and all you do
I am me, I am you

I am “hero”, I am he
I am you and you are me
I am here, I am there
I am music, I am air

I am your child, I am not gone
I am the singer, I am the song
I am your brother; I am at your side
I am with you, I am your pride

I am the person in your soul
I am me in a different role
I am not gone to see you mourn
I am gone to be reborn

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