I am ready

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I walked with my father
A mere slip of a lad
Listened to tales of my culture
Being told by my Dad
I walked with my brothers
Though run may be more true
As we talked through our childhood
And annoyed people like you
I walked the plains of Canada
Where native Indians once stood
I walked trodden routes
Through ancient forests of tall woods
I walked with the bravest
The strongest of our men
I walked in to the battles
Praying to walk out again
But what if I could choose
With whom I could walk
An opportunity to wander
A chance to have a talk
I already know the answer
Only one with whom to walk
One to have discussions with
Discussions I know not what
I have had enough of wander
No life is left for me
My god is the one I go with
If only he would take me

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