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I am a warrior
Tall and proud
My hand is my guide
For my sword and my shield

I will not yield
I will fight to my last
I am a warrior
Who will have a glorious past?

My clan chieftain the leader
Wise and bold
He has led us to victory
So many times untold
Great stories through the centuries
Will have to be told

I am draped in my tartan
A glorious sight
No wonder the enemy always takes fright
The sound of the pipes
To steady the nerves
A glorious sound
Nowhere else to be found

We move forward into battle
Under banners and flags
This looks to be the best rammy
We ever will have

The battle is over
The day has been won
Let the celebrations unfold
There are battle stories to be told

My tartan is bloodied
But I feel no pain
I am a warrior
Tall and proud

John Sinclair

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