House Calls

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‘Portcullis’ doth no longer bar the way
Where history abounds, connection’s made
‘Neath thoroughfare, I ventured forth this day
As ‘Guido Fawkes’ concocting some charade
‘Great Hall’ bade welcome to my walk through time
In tracing steps of Kings and Queens consigned
To fate as was and is, whilst in their prime
When members chose to speak of ‘Cuts’ unkind
Debating chambers, ‘Common’ unto ‘Lords’
Consider ‘Bills’ both recent and of yore
Through ‘Readings’ they consent, yet may cross swords
Resulting in said ‘Acts’ becoming law
Regina waits, then nodding “One’s assent”
Ere ‘Royal Seal’ is stamped midst piped lament

Richard Gildea

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