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Tell her something’s on my mind
That the image of her
Is never lost in time
And all I want to do
Is stop what im doing
And come on home to you

Now lord when im gone
Please make sure im coming home
but until then
See that she always stays strong
Coz if there’s one thing I need
Is my baby waiting for me
If there’s one thing keeps me going
For me to come home
Is my baby’s voice calling
And never leave her alone

So darling don’t you worry
Im going to make these people pay
For time I lost with you
And ill be back to stay
don’t ever feel down
don’t ever feel blue
Im watching out, watching over you.

The sun is shining is down on you
Ill never let it stop
Just remember you’re my star
You will guide me to the top
And when I get there
Ill take a second to breath
To remember all the good times
That you and I have seen

This must always stay close
There is only one thing left to say
I will always love you
In such a massive way
There are no amount of words
I could ever say
But baby stay safe
Coz ill be home someday

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