Home for Christmas

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Standing by the open door
They watched their sons go off to war
Looks of anguish from each mother
Hiding pain from one another
‘Home for Christmas’ hear them shout
Full of hope so little doubt
Did not know what lay ahead
Unknown thoughts of fear and dread

Marching down the endless road
No comfort there no warm abode
Mud and filth all piled high
Comrades only heard their cry
No loving whispers in their ear
No quiet place to shed a tear
Straight ahead nowhere to hide
In no man’s land they fought and died

Now where soldiers once did tread
Silent footsteps walk instead
Poppies bloom where they did fall
Their resting place one final call
Petals falling to the ground
Paying homage without sound
A sign of peace a new re-birth
Do not forget this war torn earth

Judy Clegg

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