Hidden in The Trenches

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We were hidden in the Trenches, waiting for our chance.
Waiting to strike the Germans, around them to prance.
We were inside the den, digging a bit more.
Then suddenly, Germans came, and wounds we bore.

They shot us and beat us and took us alive,
So those who were beaten are lucky they survived.
We dug another trench hoping we wouldn’t die,
When they threw a grenade and poison gas filled the sky.

We couldn’t believe it, they used their weapons,
On us, we only had a few seconds.
To order the digging of a new trench,
But as they came forwards, the Germans let off a stench.

You could smell them for miles, well, that’s what they said.
When every night we kept watch in our bed.
Then every morning to our Lord God we pray,
That we may live to see another day.

Luke Tainton

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