Hi there Jenny my sweet

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Hi there Jenny my sweet,
On a cold day with wind and rain,
When it is dark outside, and work is a pain,
I get home, and from you I get a warm greet

Hi There Jenny My love,
When I am down, depressed and lonely,
Sad and low, you cuddle beside me
And give me a gentle encouraging shove,

Hi Jenny my darling,
Sometimes we laugh or cry
But then we catch each others eye
and both end up Smiling.

Hi Jenny my dearest,
I am happy the most, when we are nearest.
I feel good and true, calm and clear,
When ever you and I are near.

Hi My dearest darling Jenny,
I hope our years together are many.
When I am with you I feel all will be well
And in the future we will have lots to tell

Chris Duncan

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