Heroes…(A tribute to the UK Armed Forces)…

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Under the rain of fire, they stand their ground,
for they are the bravest of the brave.
Sworn to help and assist against all odds,
and the path of freedom they pave.

On different shores, far and distant,
they stand ready to assist and defend.
In conflicts and battles, and courage unwavering,
they see missions to the very end.

For they have honour, chivalry, compassion,
for these men are the very best.
They are the Lions and a cut above,
and rise above the rest.

By strength and Guile,
They serve and they lead,
and they strike like lightning,
with agility and speed.

Some assist by watching,
they inspire and they achieve,
Through night they strike,
through battlelines they weave.

Fortune favours the brave,
for they are truly worthy,
and Who dares wins,
its death or Glory.

They are ready for anything,
by Sea or by Land.
They are swift and Bold,
and difficulties be damned !!!

No mission to difficult,
no time for rest,
For there is no finish line in excellence,
to be the best.

But above all these men are ours,
whom have kept the enemy at bay,
Principles of valour and determination,
our heroes of today….

Emad Qweitin

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