Here & Now

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Where is here? Here, here is here.
Here, like a wraith of shadow, here
And here, over here. There? No, here.
Now thence, and, therefore, whence. Now,
Also henceforth now, therefore now.
Here and now is terminal life,
Death but an aged blink away.
If I die – where? Here and now.
Man: mad, mad man of life’s music,
Deafened by the ‘junk-box’ sound
And highly ‘preysed’ by his critics.
Here and now is juvenile death,
Life but an infant blink away;
If I live – where? Now and here.
Now is here? Not here! Here. This here.
Here, then and heretofore, when? Here.
Also henceforth and then, therefore here.
Where is now? Now. Now is now.
Now like a sandy timer. Now
And now, all now. There? No! Now!

Chris Green

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