Help for Heroes?

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Help for heroes, so they say
Buy a poppy on poppy day
Show the soldier that always wins
Despite the fact he has no limbs
Clean it up, sanitise
Nothing nasty for public eyes

Heroes just for joining up?
Here’s a ticket out of rut
Can you walk? Can you run?
Can you hold a U.N. gun ?
Now you’re in the army son

But what of us who are not so brave?
Who didn’t reach a heroes grave
Who wasn’t stripped of arm or leg
Who sleep on benches and need to beg

Who left the army in a drunken mist
It all looks better when you’re pissed
Who just lost touch with army mates
The army left us to our fates

We’re not all welcome when we get home
Not much employment for a clone
We’ve been let out of our familiar box
To be devoured by Mr Fox

So will you ever notice me?
The person who helped keep you free
The low life that police move on
To allow the great and good their song
…and in the morning….will they remember me?

Stephen Williams

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