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The scrap man saw the Pearly Gates
And calculated size and weights
If he could find a long, long rope
Backed with luck and a bit of hope
He’d lower them to waiting mates

Now at the Gates stood stern St. Pete’
Employed by God to meet and greet
He took the scrap man by the hand
To show him what his Boss had planned
The scrap man paled and feared defeat

“Now Mr. Smith, as you were known
It’s time to reap what you have sown
Take up this hammer and these tongs
So you can start to right your wrongs”
He knew straight ‘way his plans were blown

St. Peter took him to the door
That led him to the bottom floor
Surrounded now by Hellish heat
The scrap man had to stoke and beat
Out lead for ever, ever, more

Don Holmes

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