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He is with us, just to guide us, he is with us in our thoughts, and he is with us just behind us, back from all those foreign ports.

He is with us, in the garden, he is with us in the bed,
He is with just beside us, or do I mean the shed.

He is with us, on our holiday, he is with us our good mate, and he is with us frying bangers that we just love to hate.

He is with us at the boating station or with Roys little van,
He is with us at the AGM or when we want a can.

He is with us, back from Netto, with the latest, greatest deal
He is with us back from walking pain digging in his heel.

He is with us at the rum tub, just there to meet and greet
He is with us my mate Ivan; just don’t stand on his feet.

David Killelay

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