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I look in the mirror and see my dad;
It happens more often as I get older,
I look more like him above the shoulder.
I look at my daughter and see my dad.
Wherever I look I seem to be spooked;
I find it daunting, he seems to be haunting.
When I search for my mum my dad seems to come.
It isn’t funny, I owed him money
Which took him so many years to earn
And which we both knew I’d never return.
I didn’t see him frequently;
He’d be up with the lark and home after dark.
We’d pass on the stairs, I was always polite;
I’d wish him good morning and good night.
He always worked hard for his family,
His one responsibility.
I took advantage, contemptuously
And enjoyed myself, tremendously.
Now he’s always there whenever I stare
And he won’t go away; he’s making me pay!

Andrew Diamond

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