Guardian Angel

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She’s sitting now upon a cloud
Floating aimlessly through the sky
Surveying the world from above you
With an ever watchful eye
And you know she’s your special Angel
Even though you may sleep
For she is the one that watches over you
And her heavenly watch she’ll keep
For everyone needs some comfort
Maybe not from high above
Perhaps embraced in thoughts of one held dear
With arms outstretched with love
But life is full of complexity
Evident over the years
Sometimes brimming with happiness
Some occasions gently tinged with tears
If it were set as an image by an artist
On a canvas and easel displayed
Using oils and acrylics on a brush
Universal tools of the trade
All set on a natural background
Pale blue depicts the sky
Delicate shades of white and grey
For the clouds that go gently drifting by
Then what goes on below them
The richness of Life in varying shades of green
And here and there the Anger and Envy
In Vibrant colours can be seen
So study the painting carefully and you’ll see
In pale Lilac with Silver wings
Your very own Guardian Angel
And the comfort her presence brings
So when next time you fall asleep
Maybe perchance to dream
You’re sure to sleep contented
With her reign Eternal and Supreme

Dennis Shrubshall

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