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Fear Disdained

I will not act out
Of fear… and I will not
Once fear to act.

Fear Explained

Fear is not all
Bad… because courage only
Counts when you are scared.

Fear Ingrained

If you are a slave
To fear… you are not a
Master of your fate.

Fear Maintained

Having fear… is
A matter of refusing
To be complacent.

Fear Ordained

Children learn how to
Feel helpless… before they learn
To be fearful.

Still Here

Do not worry if…
You are attending someone
Else’s funeral.


Being in peril…
Is motivation enough
In setting one’s mind.

Double Strength

We are doubly strong…
When we employ our courage
And faith together.


The longer that you
Endure the journey… then the
Nearer to your goal.


What is difficult
In practice… breeds high morale
In reality.

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